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Igniting patriotism and unity nationwide, Patriot Supply Company is your one-stop flag source offering top-quality Flags and Flagpoles across the USA. Based in Brady, TX, we specialize in supplying Texas state flags and USA flags. We also frequently create custom-designed flags to brand your business. Order online, or contact us today. We look forward to serving you!

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Flags for Indoors

Indoor flag sets are perfect for churches, school auditoriums, building lobbies, stages, and meeting rooms. When you purchase our flag set, it will be shipped with a flag, pole, floor stand, cord and tassel, and eagle ornament.

Let Them Know Who You’re and Where You Belong

Flags for Business

Fly the Texas flag, the American flag, or both, in front of your manufacturing facility, retail center, office building, or family business establishment. We will install the flag and flagpole of your choice and will suggest ideal products to make the surroundings more appealing. We work with private owners, public entities, and construction companies.

Flags and Flagpoles Across the USA

Flags for Parks, Monuments, And Municipalities

Large flag projects are no problem for us at Patriot Supply Company! We routinely work with municipalities to design and install state, national, and custom flags for cities, counties, government facilities, parks, and monuments.

Serving Customers with Quality Products

Flags for Your Home

Enhance the curb appeal of your home and show your patriotism by flying the American flag. We sell flags and flagpoles that will beautify your home. We offer home flagpole kits, which make installations very easy.

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